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 Useful apps when JailBreaking and more

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PostSubject: Useful apps when JailBreaking and more   Tue Aug 23, 2011 5:07 am

Cydia- Allows people to get free apps, themes, backrounds and more all for free,
Once you jailbreak your iDevice you will have to install it and you will have cydia.
Here is a video on some of the cool things.

Sb Settings- Are you ever playing a game and need to adjust settings? Download this!
Well with this one slide will bring up a menu allowing you to change settings and more!
Here is how it works and what it does!

Installous- Allows you to get free apps and most if which are from app store.
So no more having to waste your money on apps that you want to play just use this!
This video is how to get is and what it does.

WinterBoard- With cydia like I said you can change your themes and your backrounds,
So its not going to change till you respring your iDevice which WinterBoard allows you to do, So he is what winterboard does,

dTunez- Are you tired of having to pay a dollar for your favorite songs?
Well with Dtunez you can get free music on your devices with downloading this app
so check it out.

Categories- With all the free apps and stuff you will be getting,
So the categories allow you to make folders to keep your apps organized.
So check out this video with a little more information.

SSH- SSH stands for Secure SHell, it allows you to upload files to your iPod Touch and it allows you to remotely run commands on the iPod Touch. So for more information watch the video!

Android Lock- Do you need a more secure way to lock your ipod?
And bored of regular passwords, this allows you to connect dots for a password,
For more information on this watch the video

Insomnia- Have you ever had to download something and didnt want to
Wait for you idevice to stop going to sleep mode?
Well downloading this allows your ipod to sleep and not stop the download.

QuickScroll2- Are you too lazy to scroll down long pages on the ipod,
When your scrolling it takes forever and We all know people dont like it,
So here is the app for you and its very helpful,

LockDown- Do you not trust people with your apps?
Maybe you have a highscore or something, well this puts passwords on apps,
So your friends or whoever cant ruin your things,

MyWifi- Do you have an iphone that has wireless internet?
Well you can use it for you computer and xbox and more!
This allows you to pick up the wireless internet.

InfiniBoard- Are you sick of switching to many pages with apps,
Now you can just scroll down your page and have as many apps as possible,
This is really cool instead of having many page you will just have one with
As many apps as your little heart desires =D

vWallpaper- I just recently tried this on my ipod, If you want moving backrounds,
You should check this out and it makes a really cool back round.
The one I just got Is a tunnel with cars driving through and its cool.

CyDelete- Are you sick of going through the hassle of Deleting Cydia apps,
Well this is a easy and efficent way to delete your cydia apps.
So try this out and stop the long annoying wait,

IrealquickSMS- This is kind of like the Sb setting addition,
If you have an iphone and need to text someone while in an app,
This allows you to do so and is very helpful for multitaskers =]

OnTop- Are you ever lying in bed and your ipod screen turns the other way,
And just flips well this app stops that and allows you to browse in fullscreen.
SO this is a very useful app and will stop some of the frustration,
So I would check it out and download it!

MobileTheater- Are you ever on the run and wanna a movie.
Well this app allows you to do that, Just download it,
Its helpful on long car rides, trips and much more!

Make it mine- Do you want to put custom text on the top of your iPod?
Well with this app you can put whatever you want on the top,
Your name, a phrase, quote, whatever so check it out,
Now people who take your it will have your name on top of it =D

asBattery- How you ever seen how people how the % of battery left?
Well with this app you can see it also. And its very usefull,
You can tell exactly how much percent left that you have,
So you can guess about how much more time you have.

NES Emulater- How awesome would it be to play classic game on your ipod,
Such as mario and pacman and all that awesome stuff,
Well now you can with this awesome app I cant say really much more,
But check it out for yourself.

Safari Download manager- This allows you to download things with iDevice.
So this is really helpful because you wont have to use app store or Cydia.
Its just a regular download manager. Helps you get free vids and more!

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Useful apps when JailBreaking and more
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