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 How to get Loads of subs,views,likes,favourites,friends and comments

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PostSubject: How to get Loads of subs,views,likes,favourites,friends and comments   Tue Aug 23, 2011 4:24 am

Hello this topic is about getting loads of subscribers,friends,channel and video views,video likes,favourites and comments.Here are the websites

1.Eazysubs.c om
You can get subscribers,likes,videos comments,friends,video views and channel views.
All you need to do is go on this link ww w. eazysubs.co m, make a account then log in and click on sub4sub,where it says link youtube account go on to a different tab and log in to the youtube account you want to be linked to,when you have logged in to your youtube account come out of the youtube tab to go back to the eazysubs sub4sub,click on link youtube account,then it will take you to youtube and theres two options allow access and deny access,Click on allow access and it will take you back to eazysubs and you can earn credits which will be taken away from you when someone has subed or anything else

2.Socialclump.c om
You can get subscribers,likes,video comments,friends,video views,channel views,twitter followers and facebook page likes.
You just need to do the same thing like on eazysubs.

3.u2bviews.c om
You can get video views.
All you have to do is make a account then click on surf and when you have more than 250 credits go on control panel,my videos,and add the video url and how many views you want like if you have 4695 credits you can put 4695 credits then you click add video and then you wait for your views.this is not a bot its real people watching your videos.

4.enchanceviews.c om
You can get everything for youtube but not friends.(this is the best one)
You just need to do the same as eazysubs and social clump.
To earn free credits you do the things below
Automated Systems

1) Auto-watch videos

2) Auto-Comment and Like

3) Submit a YouTube Account and let it earn credits for you(dont do this one coz you have more chances of getting banned)

Quick Offers

1) Sub, Comment, Like, and Fav

2) Watch and Comment

Other Offers

1) Advertise Us - Advertise Enhance Views for credits

2) Earn Referrals - Earn 10% the credits your referrals earn

And you can redeem the credits for the things below
Youtube Video and Channel Views


Auto-Generated Comments and Video Likes
- Write your own custom comments

Link Featuring


Beta Testing - Delayed Comments, Likes, and Favorites

- Features new option to set how frequently you want the comments posted
- Smoother and much more reliable positng of comments
- Improved user interface for custom comments
- Can now redeem favorites
- Discounted credit cost for the Beta

If you have any other websites that should be added post below
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How to get Loads of subs,views,likes,favourites,friends and comments
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