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 Multi Xbox Tutorials

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PostSubject: Multi Xbox Tutorials   Sun Aug 21, 2011 11:31 pm

How to Open Your Xbox 360
[spoil]Required Tools
* Three torx screw drivers in the following sizes: T6, T7 and T12
* One small flat head screw driver or small and thin wedge
* A 2 inch long and thin (roughly 1.5mm thick) metal stick
* A 2 inch long and flat (less than 1mm thick) plastic or metal stick
* A pair of thin pliers

With those tools in hand, we're ready to disassemble the Xbox 360.

Removing The Outer Shell

The first step is to remove the outer plastic shell that conceals the innards of the system. To do this, you must start by removing the face plate. Take a look at the front of the Xbox 360 and insert your thumb into the door that covers the two USB ports on the right of the unit. With your other hand squeezing the upper and lower sides of the face plate, pull out the face plate with your thumb. With not much force, the face plate should pop right off.

After the face plate has been pulled off you will see a silver Microsoft sticker covering a gap; remove this. You will also see four small clips locking the top half of the plastic shell to the bottom half. Do not attempt to wedge the clips out at this point.

With some care, gently bend outwards, the right gray ventilation shield on the right side of the unit so that you can see a bit inside. You will notice that the gray side piece attaches to both the bottom and top white chassis. Now look through the holes on top of the unit to locate the areas where the gray side pieces attaches to the white body. What you need to do is take the long but thin metal stick and push down, through the white holes (located on both the top and bottom of the Xbox 360) where the clips of the gray side pieces connect. Slowly pull out the gray pieces away from the unit while unlocking the clips and eventually the gray piece will release itself.

To remove the left gray piece, you must first remove the hard drive unit by pressing the button located on the unit itself. Then apply the same procedure used to remove the right gray ventilation piece -- except when you reach the bottom clip of the piece, you most remove the rubber feet located directly below, to reveal a hole where you can insert the metal stick.

Once you have both side gray pieces removed, you have essentially removed the main locking mechanism that holds the top and bottom shells together. At this point, return to the front of the unit and turn the entire unit upside down. Using a flat head screw driver or wedge, gently pry up the 4 clips holding the top shell to the bottom. Once the clips are unlatched, slowly lift up the front of the bottom shell about an inch.

The last step to removing the bottom shell cover is to insert a thin and small plastic stick into the thin rectangular holes on the rear. The reason the front of the bottom shell needs to be lifted is to prevent the rear latches from reattaching themselves. Slowly insert the stick into each rectangular opening. You should hear a click sound for each clamp you unlatch. Once complete, you may lift off the bottom shell covering.

Looking inside the unit, you will notice that there are 14 silver screws (6 of which are long) and 8 black screws. Using your torx screw drivers, remove the silver screws using a size T12 screw driver and the black ones using a size T7. Once you have all the screws removed, flip the Xbox 360 right side up and lift up the top plastic shell. You should now be greeted with the internals of the Xbox 360.


12 Volt Fan Mod for Xbox 360
[spoil]Tools/Parts Needed:
- Wire cutters
- Wire strippers
- Soldering iron
- A piece of wire
- Black tape or a Wire connector

First of all you will need to open up your xbox 360. Once you have the 360 taken apart you will need to locate the fan plug. When you are looking at the front of the 360 the fan plug is just to the left of the fan. Once you find it it will be easiest if you unplug the fan and take it out of the metal case. Now that you have it out of the case take a look at the plug. You will notice that it has 4 wires. The only wires we are worried about for this mod are the red wire and the orange wire. These are the positive wires for the fan. So grab your wire cutters cut those 2 wires off as close to the plug as you can. Once you have them cut strip the ends to expose about 1/2 inch of wire. Now that both ends are exposed, twist red and orange wires together. Now you will need to get your piece of wire out to cut it to length. I normally use one of the wires from an old Ethernet cable. Now that you have your wire ready to cut run just like the red line in the picture below and cut it about 2 inches longer on each end to make sure you have enough.

Ok now that you have the wire cut, on the end closest to the fan plug strip a half an inch off and connect it to the red and orange wires from the fan, either with your wire connector or twist them together and wrap it with black tape. Now that you have finished that we are done with this end so you can put the fan back in place and plug it in. Now you can plug in the soldering iron and get it heating up. Now at the other end of the wire strip it back a quarter of an inch and refer to the picture below. On the long flat side where the arrow is pointing you, you will need to scrape it a little to remove the varnish they put over it. Make sure to lightly scrape the shinny metal and dont touch the motherboard with whatever you use to scrape it.

Once you have it clean just tin the end of your wire with a little solder and solder it to the side you just scraped off. Now that you have it soldered on you can put a piece of black tape over it for protection but you dont need to. Give the wire a little tug to make sure it is soldered good. If it doesn't come off then you are all done with the mod, so plug your 360 in and turn it on to make sure the fan works and if it does you can put your 360 back together.[/spoil]

Changing The Xbox 360 DVD Eject Button And Bezel Without Opening The Case
[spoil]IMPORTANT NOTE!: Ensure there is no disc in the drive, and DO NOT turn on your console while performing these steps! You will need to eject the drive at some point to remove the bezel, so make sure you do this while the console is flat.

What You Need:

Tools: A small flathead screwdriver is ideal, but anything small enough will do.
Xbox 360:

Remove The Faceplate:

You need to first remove the faceplate from the console. I find it easiest if you hook your finger inside the front USB port door, and the case should just pop off.I have shown the important parts for this tutorial in the photo below. I have seen the warranty sticker in both places shown below, but it makes no difference for this tutorial.

Remove Grill:

The top grey grill now needs to be removed. Pull the front of the grill out away from the console, it should come off with a little effort. The grill is then held in place by the four remaining clips, which can be seen if you look through the little holes on either side of the console. These can be un-clipped with a small screwdriver. If you have trouble releasing the last clip, you may need to pull back the rubber foot next to the grill, which will reveal a small hole. You can then push the screw driver through there.

Undo Case Clip:

There are four clips on the front of the console. The one shown in the photo needs to be un-clipped. This can be done with a small flat head screwdriver

Remove The Button:

The case can be pulled apart with a small amount of force, and needs to be held open whilst removing the button. The button is clipped onto the DVD drive at the green area. You should be able to get a small flathead screwdriver round the back, and pry it off. There is then a small piece of plastic which connects the case button to the actual button for the DVD drive. It's a little awkward, but you should be able to maneuver the button out of the case.

Remove The Bezel

You don't actually need any tools to remove the bezel, a fingernail will do. I have turned the console upside down to get a better angle, but this is not necessary. The bezel needs to be pulled away from the DVD drive at the bottom to release two clips. Once the clips are released, the bezel will slide off.

And You're Done!

You have now successfully removed the DVD button and bezel. Replacing or swapping these is just the reverse of this tutorial, and is pretty obvious.[/spoil]

Adding a molex to the Xbox 360
[spoil]Straight forward mod to add a molex to powerpoints underneath the psu connection on the motherboard. Allows you to connect any pc peripheral, without having to solder it onto any part of the board

Required Tools:
1. Soldering Iron + Solder
2. Molex with length of wire

Open the 360, then take the motherboard apart. Take out every screw on the bottom of the 360 cage. Pull out the motherboard and flip it so you can see the bottom side of the psu conneter.

Yellow on a molex is 12v, red is 5v, and the blacks are grounds. Tin the wire (add a little solder to them), and tin the connetors as well. Solder them sideways so that when you run the molex up and around the motherboard your solder joints dont flex and break. Plus makes it easier to get it past the fan.

Basicly use the photo for the 12v, 5v, and grounds.


Disassembling the Internals of the Xbox 360
[spoil]To continue further, you will need to first remove the DVD drive. Simply hold the drive and lift up. You will notice that the Xbox 360's DVD drive uses a Serial ATA interface which keeps things very tidy compared to the original Xbox. At this point, remove both the power supply cable and Serial ATA cable from the DVD drive and then from the motherboard.

The fan shroud can now be removed by simply twisting the cover until it pops off. The shroud is held in place by one clamp that attaches to the actual fans. Just be careful at this point not to break the clamp.

Next, remove the RF unit at the front of the Xbox 360 by removing the small black torx screws using a T6 screwdriver. Then you must remove the plastic cover on the front of the RF unit by unlatching the top and bottom of the plastic cover. Once you have done this, you will reveal the third screw holding the RF unit to the chassis. Remove the last screw and pull out the RF unit. Lastly, remove the power connections for the fans. You can now lift the motherboard out of the metal chassis.

As a reminder, the Xbox 360 is a delicate equipment and must be treated with care at all times. Ensure that you frequently ground yourself to discharge any build up static which can severely harm your Xbox 360.[/spoil]

Disassembling the Xbox 360 HDD unit
[spoil]Start off by first removing the HDD unit from the Xbox 360 main console and lay it flat with the connector side facing upwards. You will see 3 screws. The 4th screw is located underneath the silver "Microsoft" sticker -- removing this sticker instantly voids your HDD unit's warranty.

Once you have removed all 4 screws, lift up the plastic cover while being careful that it is latched onto the button-release end of the unit. You'll want to be careful as not to pop the spring loaded button and lose the tiny spring.

Once open, you will see the 2.5" Serial ATA notebook hard drive encased in a metal shell. Lift off the cover of the protective shell by first removing the four black screws holding it down. To proceed further you will need to have a thin knife. The metal casing is attached to the plastic shell by a very strong adhesive, and to remove the actual hard drive from the housing, you must first pry off the plastic shell from the metallic HD casing. Simply insert a thin knife and slowly "saw" away at the adhesive. Shortly after you will be left with the following:

Once this is done, you can simply remove the attached Serial ATA data cable from the HD and slide out the drive.


XCM Air Cooler + Addon Fan Tutorial
I'll start this out with my recommendations, if you are going to buy the Air Cooler sink down the extra few bucks and buy the addon fan. It significantly lowers your Cpu temperature, and keeps it low. Its a must if your looking to cool your 360.

Items Needed

1. Xcm Air Cooler (optional addon fan)
2. Xcm supplied 360 dismantlement tool
3. Clean working area

For heat sensor mod you will need the following:

1. After market computer heat sensors
2. Solder
3. Electrical tape, or wire sleeves

Start out by getting familiar with the components. Look at them, browse this tutorial, read it and follow along while looking at each piece and understanding what each step and corresponding pictures are showing you. Take a look at the picture and make sure you have all the pieces needed. The picture does exclude the addon fan. To check your addon fan, ensure there is a black air bumper (basically a piece of small rectangular padding).

Once you get your case apart, take out your dvd drive, there are two connections in the back, a power connection, and your sata connection remove these two connections. If you have flashed your drive you know the connections. Now disconnect the back fan from its power source (on the left hand side of the picture, you will see the plug that powers the fans). Pull up on the piece of metal that holds the fans in place, while applying firm pressure while you pull on them towards yourself. Should pull down, be careful it is not removed, just the top bracket is released, you will need to move it back and forth to release the two holds that are in place at the base of the fan. Look at the second picture and you will see what I'm trying to explain.

Now that you have the fans removed it's time to install your Xcm fan. Now if your preforming the mod that I describe in a bit, do not install the fans right now. If your not preforming the mod, then go ahead and align the post with the holes on the base of the motherboard tray, and give it a good push and it will snap into place. It will look like this when installed.

Now its time to install the heat sensors, this is a very painless and easy process. You will want to lay your two wires out, and go ahead and twist them gently to pick up any loose slack in the wires. The red and white wire, is your cpu sensor, and your white and blue wire is your gpu sensor. Your going to want to push the red cpu sensor into the heatsink of the cpu, and stick your blue sensor into a fin on the gpu heatsink. Use the supplied padding to secure it in place (gpu only). It should look something similar to the next photo.

Now you have the option to go about the last step in a different way. I had some heat sensors so I cut out the original heat sensor, and attached my own. I installed the sensors on the front of the heatsinks, I like to get the temperature before the air is cooled. You will need heat sensors, ask your local pc shop, for them. Cut off the wires leading into the sleeve of the original heat sensors, attach your spliced heat sensors. Give the wire a few twists, if you want fold it upon itself a few times, and put solder in to give it that extra strength, if you are worried. Give it a quick wrap in electrical wire, and affix it somewhere of your choosing. Alternatively you can use wire sleeve's to cover the connection and use a heat gun, or a lighter to tighten the sleeve's down upon the wires. I had none on me at the time so I just used electrical tape/solder. You can put the sensors in the same spot as I did or wherever you feel is best.

The main reason behind my decision to mod the heat sensor, was the fact that the original version, obstructed air. It wouldn't really do much damage to the transfer of heat, but it just bothered me, and id like options on where I can place my sensors. You don't need to preform this mod if you don't want to, its totally optional, and the results will be the same. I'm just picky about things. Now that you have your sensors in place, its time for the next step. If you have purchased an addon fan, jump down to the step that describes how to install it, if not follow on. You will notice the power wire coming off your fan. Pull out the longest one, and replace the power cable coming off the motherboard with this one, pull up the shortened power cable and install it in the back of your dvd drive. Plug in the sata cable connection, put the metal lid on your 360 and test it. To see if your followed along right check the picture.

I don't recommend putting the case together and seeing if it worked, test it first to ensure everything is in order. Scroll down and you will see the photo of the case not totally put together. You will see a pen pointing at the button you need to push in order to turn the 360 on. If everything is in working order, close up your case and enjoy your handy work.

Addon fan installation

Go ahead and grab the rectangular foam piece and install it as shown in the picture.

Place your fan shroud back in its proper place. Remove the power cable that supplies your dvd drive, and take the longest wire from the fan and plug it into this point on the motherboard. Take your addon fan, and hook up the smaller power supply wire to the corresponding plug on this adapter. Plug the black power supply cable into your dvd drive. Attach your sata cable, and put your dvd player back in the 360. Here is a picture showing the power supply arrangement.

This addon fan is going to be installed right in front of the cpu heatsink. Your going to need to turn the fan upside down, remove the stickers protecting the adhesive.

Now arrange your fan with the power cables leading from it in the bottom right hand corner, should be the same corner as your cpu heatsink, these wires will be hidden along the fan shroud. Drop down the fan, watch the capacitors on the bottom left hand side of the fan as you push it down. It will align with the screw on the dvd player.

Make sure its nice and snug on the motherboard, and hide your wires leading back to the dvd player.

For the placement of the addon fan power supply board, I stuck it on the back of my dvd player. It's a nice out of the way spot and keeps wire clutter to a minimum.

Now the only thing left to do is test it out. I highly recommend putting only the top cover on your 360 and testing it out. This ensures that the units are working fine. It will save you time, if something is wrong. You wont have to take your 360 apart again. Notice the pen is pointing at the button to turn on your 360.

If everything is in working order, go ahead and close up your 360. The lcd installs on the back of your 360 right above your av cable. You will see the coresponding clip spaces that your lcd will install into. Once you have it in place, remove the protective covering off the lcd faceplate, and enjoy your Xcm Air cooler fan, and addon fan.


360 Controller LED Replacement
[spoil]Supplies/Tools needed:
1. Phillips head screwdriver for wired controller.
- Security Torc T9 driver for wireless controller.
2. 0603 leds I recommend buying them from here
They range from 24 cents to mid 30 cent range. Far cheaper then mod sites.
3. Soldering Iron + Solder.
4. A pair of tweezers. Optional, for getting the lcd into position for tacking.

Here is a picture of a single lcd. Notice these are
extremely small, and this mod is not for the faint of
heart, but hey your reading my tutorial no worries.

Now you will need to remove all the screws. There will be a hidden screw underneath the serial number. Its in the middle, feel around and you will locate it. Once you have done this peel that controller apart and set the pcb down. Now look at the middle of the pcb, (green card, with lots of stuff on it) you will notice the small lights, there are four of them. First heat up the soldering iron, grab your solder, and place a little down on both sides of the led, now heat it up as fast as you can and push the led to the side with the iron when the solder is heated and it will peel off. This takes a little bit of effort, but after you complete one the rest will fall in short order.

Wireless controller polarity

Wired controller polarity

The reason behind these pictures, is the fact that if you follow the other tutorials on the web, they are very confusing and half the time, don't offer a picture showing the polarity. With these its very easy, black is negative, and red is positive.

If you look on the bottom of your lcds, you will see either this -| or a triangle. Now the -| the line points towards negative, while the triangle's point is pointing towards negative. This is how you use the pictures in conjunction with the negative to lay down your lcd's.

Here is a tip, lay out the lcd on top of the solder points. If a piece of the solder point is sticking up making it a bit difficult to lay down the lcd, go ahead and touch it with the soldering iron. Do this a few times and the solder will round out making this part of the installation process that much more easier.

Now that you have your first lcd ready to go, take your tweazers and push down firmly on the lcd. Take the soldering iron and touch either side of the lcd. This will solder the contact of the lcd to the solder.

Now after doing each one, you will want to check to ensure each lcd works. If you have a wired controller, plug it in and take the backing off the button's that contact the YXAB button's and lay it down. You will see two slots for the bottom lcds, thats the easiest way to tell if you are setting it down right, now press the the button in the center of the lcd's, and if your light glows up you know you have a good conection.

If you have a wireless controller, put the back plate back on and put the battery pack in, and do the same steps as you did above. If the lcd lights up great, if not, try adding a bit of solder to each of the joints, not to much. If still it does not light up, take off the lcd and start the process over.

Now do this for the rest of the lcd's, close the case up. Thats it, once you do a few controllers you will be so proficent at this, that you will not look at this tutorial, except for the polarity pictures.

Tips and tricks

1. Have a clean area with enough light to see what your doing.
2. Do not rush, take your time and ensure you do it right the first time.
3. When ordering the lcd's ensure you prepare for the worst, and snag a few extra.

How to Replace Xbox 360 Laser Lens
This tutorial will explain how to change/swap out an Xbox 360 DVD Rom Laser Lens.

First you will need to take your 360 apart. See my tutorial earlier on in this topic. Then remove the DVD-Rom. Once you have your drive out turn it over and take out the 4 screws. Remove the top and bottom covers.

Now that we have the drive apart and ready we need to prepare the new Laser Unit. There is a big solder point on the side of the Laser Unit that needs to be removed for it to work. With a desoldering pen or desoldering wick remove the solder. Here is another pic of the Original 360 Laser Unit but it will give you the general area of where the solder is if you can't figure it out from the pic above.

Removing the old Laser.

Remove the Ribbon Cable in the above pic by carefully sliding it out. Be very careful not to damage the cable. Turn the drive over.

In the pic above you will need to push the black clamp labled 'A' to the right while lifting up on the right side of the board. Only pic it up just enough to remove the 3 cables shown. And again be very careful not to rip or damage the cables. After the 3 cables are removed you can take the board off and set it off to the side. With a small screwdriver remove the 3 Screws shown above. After removing the one at the top take the white cover and flip it over off of the Laser Unit. The 2 at the bottom just remove the screws and the black pieces holding the rails down. Then pop the rails up with your fingers and slide the Laser unit off.

Slide the new one back on and put your drive back together. Just follow the guide backwards. I didn't check the pot on my new laser but it seemed to work fine out of the box. I didn't have to adjust anything in my case.

Hope this guide helped a little.[/spoil]

How To Hotswap Xbox 360 Without Opening The Console
[spoil]Step 1: Get on your Xbox 360 Dashboard
Step 2: Go To Your System Settings
Step 3: Go To Console Settings
Step 4: Go To Auto Play
Step 5: Disable Auto Play

Insert your original disk
Wait until (Press Y For Game Details) Appears
Stand Beside Your Console With Controller In Hand
Press the Eject and Y Button At The Same Time
The disk tray should come out (Obviously)
Insert the modded version of the disk
The Hotswap is Now Finished and you can install the game to your HDD off the modded disk

Insert your original disk
Wait until (Press Y For Game Details) Appears
Stand Beside Your Console With Controller In Hand
Press the Eject and Y Button At The Same Time
The disk tray should come out (Obviously)
Insert the modded version of the disk
The Hotswap is Now Finished and you can install the game to your HDD off the modded disk[/spoil]
How to Flash a BenQ Xbox 360
What you need:

1.A BenQ drive

2.DosFlash 1.3b here

3.Your iXtreme Firmware files get these off Xbins and PATCH THEM TO YOUR FIRMWARE.... putting these on your drive without your drive key will result in a non working drive

4.PCI Sata card with VIA6421 chipset *you can find them off Ebay* that specific chipset isnt needed per se, BUT you DO want either VIA or NFORCE, or else it wont work.

5.USB flash drive

6.HP boot disk maker - here

7.Windows 98 boot files Here

8.The tools to open your 360!!!


Step 1:
Make your USB boot disk using the HP boot program and the windows 98 files

You can also make a boot disk with a floppy disc, but it isnt as reliable, so I wont go into it
Copy the contents from the DosFlash 16 folder into your root directory of the flash drive
Before you go any further, write down the port number for the first port of your Sata card, it will be the first port number in your device manager for it.

Step 2:
Open your 360 using my guide at the top of this topic.

Step 3:
Power down your computer and connect the 360 drive to the first port on your sata card *On a PCI card this port is labeled 1 and is the one on the opposite end of the outside of the PCI slot*
Touch the metal cases of the 360 and computer to make sure it is grounded

Unplug all IDE and SATA cables from your computer other than the one going into your 360 to ensure you dont accidentally flash another item

Step 4:
Connect your USB drive and then, Boot up your computer and go into the boot menu, and boot from the USB drive.
Make sure your 360 has the cables plugged in, but AV doesnt have to go anywhere

When you get into dos it should look something like this:

Run the DosFlash command to read the original firmware:
DosFlash r (port #) 1 a0 1 4 c:/orig.bin 0

Answer Y to the next question

Prop your 360 faceplate like it was on the 360, and turn on the 360 for 5 seconds, if it doesnt begin reading, turn it off for 5 seconds, then turn it on and repeat until it reads the firmware, might take 5+ tries

Turn off computer and 360 and plug your IDE/Sata cables back in, and boot back into xp

step 5:
Find the firmware file on your USB drive, it will be called *Orig.bin* Make sure this file is 256kb..If its any smaller or any larger go re-read the firmware until you get a 256kb sized one. Back it up, now back it up in a new folder, then back it up in anther folder, then upload it to rapidshare, then put it onto another computerYou get the idea? MAKE SURE YOU NEVER LOSE THAT FILE

Make sure to put ix15.bin on the root of your usb drive

Turn off your computer and get it set for the 360 again *unplug IDE/Sata cables and hook 360 into the sata card, then boot off your USB drive again

Run the erase command for DosFlash
C:>DosFlash e (port #) 1 a0 1 4 D8 0

Answer Y to the question, and then power the 360 on for 5 seconds, and if it doesnt begin erasing turn it off, wait, and turn it back on, it should erase after like, 2-3 tried max

Shut down 360 and computer, and reboot computer into Dos again

Use the command to write your firmware
C:>DosFlash w (port #) 1 a0 1 4 c:/ix15.bin 0

remember the ix14.bin will be ix15.bin if you are using iXtreme 1.5 which you SHOULD be using
Answer Y to the next question and turn on the 360, it should write on the first try, but shuldnt take more than 3 ever, if it does, shut off computer, check connections, and try again.

Shut down computer and 360
Disconnect 360 from computer and reconnect all original computer connections
Re-assemble computer and 360
Plug 360 into your TV and turn it on, insert a backup and enjoy

If the file does not have a link, odds are it is on Xbins[/spoil]

How to determine which drive you have in your XBOX 360
[spoil] There is an easy way to determine what drive you have in your console without actually fully disassembling it, all you need do is remove the faceplate

Then check the hole in the front of the dvd drive, refer to the image below :

There, saves alot of hassles with identifying your drive make, you then know what you are in for before even full disassembly.

Credit for this tutorial goes to forums.maxconsole.net

all credit for these tutorials goes to http://360.xbox-hq.com. unless stated in the tutorial.
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Multi Xbox Tutorials
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