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  How to use a hex editor to mod a games and Avatar,ClansTags

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PostSubject: How to use a hex editor to mod a games and Avatar,ClansTags   Sun Aug 21, 2011 10:42 pm

Download Hex Workshop from here: Downloads from BreakPoint Software, Inc.

First you need to go into your game and find the value you want to mod. I'm using Kane and Lynch 2 and I'm modding "Loot Money" in this tutorial.


Now transfer your save to your PC, open with Modio and extract the savedata from the CON file.


Next, open that extracted file in Hex Workshop and search for that value with the following settings.


You should see one or more results. I have 2 as both "Loot Money" and "Best Round" are the same values. Now you need to select the results and click the byte order icons until you get the value you searched for come up in the "Int32" section on the right sidebar.


Click on the "Int32" section to change the value, you can now change that value to anything up to 2,147,483,647. (The max value for int32)


[align=left]Once you've entered the value you want to change it to, hit enter and you should see the hex values change like so:[/align]


[align=left]Now all you need to do is reinject the savedata back into the CON file, rehash/resign and transfer back.[/align]

[align=center]This should work for most games, if you're stuck finding a value, try different integer settings: int8, int16, int32, int64, float etc...[/align]

The Games you could Mod with Hex editor and things you could Mod
[spoil]The Games you Could Mod
1.Call of Duty Games [Mw2,Black ops,and Cod4]
2.Fallout 3
3.Nba 2k11

The Things You could Mod with Hex Editor
[spoil]1.Mw2 Clan tags
2.My player in Nba 2k11
3.Avatar on XBL
4.MW2 GamerTag

How to Mod Fallout 3 Using Hex Editor TUT

Follow these Steps on How to In this Video
[spoil]swap out items from the inventory and containers and items you have droped in...
swap out items from the inventory and containers and items you have droped into some thing else in this case, Nuka Cola into Ant Meat

tools used in this video and more
portable version of hex workshop

Link for CONcept KV's http://www.megaupload.com/?d=1CTD0H6I

*Edit Still prefer to use any other Hex Editor just type out the Hex Code Backwards each set of number stays the same 00 03 1D AC - - - AC 1D 03 00

How to mod your Avatar using HxD Hex Editor

Steps and Downloads
[spoil]How to mod xbox 360 avatar using hex editor You can download all these progr...

You can download all these programs from

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How to use a hex editor to mod a games and Avatar,ClansTags
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