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 (TUT) How to get Hulu Plus/Netflix on xbox outside of the US

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PostSubject: (TUT) How to get Hulu Plus/Netflix on xbox outside of the US   Sun Aug 21, 2011 9:42 pm

This will only work for one week, after that you will have to buy a full account on 'UnblockUS'

US Region Xbox Live Account

Step 1.
Alright the first thing you must do is have Hulu downloaded and must already have your free trial, if you don't look below this tutorial to find out how to do this.

After you have Hulu Plus and the trial active what you will need to do is go to this website: http://www.unblock-us.com/ and enter a valid email address and click start trial

Step 2.
You now shall receive an email from them, so check your junk folder because it might be there. Follow the link they give you and now you should have access to something that looks like this:

Step 3.
Now this is your personal preference, you can either configure your router to the DNS they give you OR change your Xbox DNS settings. I recommend the router however if you don't have a router and are directly connected to the internet then just use the Xbox method.

They also will give you a brief tutorial on what to do, so follow their instructions.

Step 4.
When you add the DNS to whichever you selected all you have to do is restart your Xbox and bam you have Hulu Plus from where you live.

How to get 1 week Hulu Plus trial
When you download and open Hulu Plus it should tell you about the 1 week trial, after some sign up process you will be given a code to enter.

Go to this website: Hulu - Plus and enter your email and then follow the steps and you should have a box that you need to fill your activation code in. After all this is done you should now have a 1 week trial.

For Netflix, its the exact same method, instead download Netflix instead of Hulu Plus, but ofcourse u will have to Make a account OR get another user from the USA that has a full netflix account to add you on to there Account.

if you need ANY help with this, just add my AIM: itomtomz OR PM me on here!

If you cant connect to netflix after you turn off your xbox.
Go to www.unblock-us.com
Enter your email / Any Email it doesn't matter.
And then it should work.

A Way to get on Netflix/Hulu plus on your MAIN account (Doesnt have to be a USA account!)
once you have HULU Set up on the american account u made...
Quick Launch>>>Recently Downloaded>>>Hulu Plus/netflix and then your on it!

If this topic helped you in anyway, Please be sure to thank it!

have fun!(:

How to share netflix accounts tutorial - by --Drake--:

[spoil][align=center]Did you know that when you order netflix, that you can share it among 5 different devices?? If you didn't know, now you do!!! Im here to show you how you can use your netflix and share it among 5 of your friends. either xbox,wii,ps3 as long as they have the code from there console[/align]

Go to www.netflithetechgame.comm make sure your signed in. click in the upper right hand corner on your account & help


[align=center]Scroll down just a bit untill you see where it says "Activate a Netflix ready device"


[align=center]once you done that, ask your friend for the code on his screen. put the code in the box. and it should activate his device.


You mite wanna keep track of who you put on your netflix cause if you dont. you mite deactivate the wrong person including yourself.


Well I hope this helped, i know this was a pretty bad tut Laughing
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(TUT) How to get Hulu Plus/Netflix on xbox outside of the US
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