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 Every way to boost xp

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PostSubject: Every way to boost xp   Sun Aug 21, 2011 8:08 am

Today i found myself stumbling upon how many ways there are too boost

So im making a thread of each boosting way and how to do it

If there are more ways to boost leave your way on here and i will give you credit.

This is for if you are looking to host a lobby or just want to know how to boost for future references.

When you start the game of Domination you will each capture the one at YOUR spawn then both teams will meet at B and switch off capturing B. Im not very familiar with this way because the last time i did this after about 5 times we stopped earning points.So you must kill yourself to get the point and wait about 10 sec. Thanks uMad_lol

When you start up the game of Demolition you have Half of each team do HEADSHOTS for 1 round, Then you have the other half PLANT AND DEFUSE each bomb. This will get you alot of points and will help you rank up quick. Exact EXP you get would be good.
DO NOT GO OVER 9500, You will not get any exp.

This is very wide spread boosting you can either get TDM and boost headshots or you can get capture the flag and boost flag capturing depending on what you pick. Most people use team tactical for domination and demolition.

Now this is very simple just start any game with all your friends, Beside private match obviously and just switch off getting headshots. That is'nt as effective but still works.

Get 6 kills each round will total out to about 24 kills. Then next game switch people and you will get alot of points dont know exact amount.
Thanks Woobie.
CONSEQUENCES: Dont abuse this. After a few times go into a normal search game and just sit in the corner so your score per minute goes down.

If you have any other ways of boosting post on here i want to keep this up to date.

Hope this helps you host boosting lobbies or just boosting with your friends.
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Every way to boost xp
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