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 Xp boosting Sentry gun new method

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PostSubject: Xp boosting Sentry gun new method   Sun Aug 21, 2011 4:21 am

A great way to gain xp on COD:6 MW2.
Requirements:Riot Sheild, Sentry gun as a kill streak, Hardline (Not 100% needed, but speeds it up), a friend online
TUTORIAL:Invite a friend, but don't let them accept straight away. Find a 3rd person cage match, and let the friend accept. Tgen it will be only you two in a Ranked XP match! Allow the game to start, making sure you have all of the requirements. Get a 4 kill streak (or 5), and plant the sentry gun. Tell the friend to crouch in front of it. He will then get about 1000xp. If the sentry stops firing, pick it up & move it. If the XP gets low, respawn & repeat. Then, when halfway through game, swap sides& repeat. Have fun!
P.s someone else posted 2 mins before with me a similar thread with the shotgun instead of the sentry, but I believe this is easier and quicker

Use the perk one man army to reset XP flow, WITH no death. Just have 2 riot shield classes, and once xp flow slows down, change classs!
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Xp boosting Sentry gun new method
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